History Of The Trent R.C.M.F.C.    

The concept of the model flying Club actually began on a converted rubbish tip on Wilford Lane behind what is now the ASDA supermarket.
This site was first used by veteran modeller Arthur Fox, A number of modellers were also using the site including Roy Allen, the Club’s founder
and first Secretary, Brian James, the first Chairman, Arthur Brightman and myself Joe Farrington.
Owing to the site being surrounded by houses, we had a noise problem; the locals even had the Police involved. Fortunately at that time Roy Allen and Brian James worked for BT, as did a local Councillor Stuart Worthington.
He was approached by Roy and Brian to enquire if the Local Authority had a site we could use and the centre of Colwick Racecourse was suggested.
An inaugural meeting was held at the Peacock public house in 1972 and was attended by a few like-minded individuals; in fact we even had to have a whip round to pay for the venue.
The original Wilford Lane site was used for many years for gliders until it was re-developed; we then used the Gresham site across the road which is still in use for silent flight to date, although it is very small.


The club is affiliated to the B.M.F.A ( CLUB NO 0255) (British Model Flying Association) and all members are required to be insured with them.
This can all be arranged by the club if required. Our membership fees are extremely reasonable. Why not come and join us?
There are plenty of experienced members who are happy to offer help and instruction to novices and newcomers all of whom will be made very welcome ,Other facilities that the Model Club can also offer,
which prospective members may find useful are:
Non-Clubmembers can participate in air experience flights for three flying sessions using either a Club trainer or their own model if suitable, this is a
concession our parent body, the British Model Flying Association, has allowed which permits newcomers to the hobby to experience the pleasure of radio controlled model flying and this is absolutely free with no commitment on your part.
Any new member who brings a new model to fly will have it checked over prior to its maiden flight to double check that it is fully airworthy. This is no reflection on the member’s integrity and it is there for safety reasons.
We would recommend that before any expensive purchase of models or radio equipment that you speak with us first. Help and guidance is always on hand, it’s impartial and best of all, its free to !